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We charge 15% for the principal.

For a $300 loan for a fortnight:

  • Total price of borrowing = $45
  • Apr = 391.07%

These records fulfills what’s needed associated with continuing business practices and Consumer Protection Act. License Number: 67639

ICASH is an authorized and direct loan provider in Alberta

ICASH is a short-term loan accountable loan provider that is directed by provincial customer security guidelines. Our company is completely certified, clear and 100% compliant in every Canadian provinces.

2 to 7 repayments can be found according to your income regularity at no cost that is extra fees; varies between 42 to 62 days*

Optimum total expense of borrowing permitted in Alberta for a loan that is payday $15 per $100 lent.

We charge $15 per $100 lent.

Pay day loans are a kind of high-cost credit.

The requirements are met by this information associated with the Fair Trading Act.

Cash Advance Business Licence Quantity: 341941

ICASH is an authorized and lender that is direct brand New Brunswick

ICASH is just a term that is short accountable loan provider this is certainly led by provincial consumer security legislation. We’re completely certified, clear and 100% compliant in most Canadian provinces.

Two to three repayments can be found centered on your earnings regularity at no cost that is extra charges, as much as 62 times. Just offered by iCASH.

Optimum Allowable Expense per $100 Borrowed

Example: $300 loan for two weeks: Principal Amount = $300 Cost that is total of = $45.00 Yearly Portion Price (APR) = 391.07% Total to settle = $345.00

The Financial and Consumer Services Commission(FCNB)Toll-free at 1-866-933-2222 if you have any questions or concerns about payday loans, cancellation rights or collection practices, contact

The requirements are met by this information of this price of Credit Disclosure and payday advances Act

Cout maximum permis par tranche de 100$

Exemple: pret de 300$ pour 14 jours Capital de 300$ Cout total du credit = 45$ Cout annuel pourcentage that is enTAP) = 391.07% Remboursement total = 345$

Pour toute question ou preoccupation au sujet des prets sur salaire, des droits de resiliation, ou des pratiques de recouvrement, n’hesitez pas a communiquer avec la Commission des services financiers et des solutions consommateurs that are aux au numero sans frais 1-866-933-2222

Cette affiche est conforme aux exigences de la Loi sur la communication du cout du credit et sur les prets salaire that is sur.

For academic tolls please click on this link.

Exactly how much will $300 run you for 14 days?

payday loans texas

Invest the away a $300 loan*: pay day loan (presuming expense of borrowingis $15 per $100**) charge card (presuming a day-to-day rate of interest at 23% APR for advance loan)
When $45 $2.65
Twice $90 $5.29
Four times $180 $10.59
Six times $270 $15.88

*This instance shows exactly just just what borrowing loans that are multiple price. You simply can’t hold significantly more than one pay day loan at any given time. You can’t spend off a quick payday loan with another pay day loan.

**In New Brunswick, the utmost total price of credit permitted is $15 per $100 advanced under an online payday loan

Combien vous coutera un emprunt de 300$ pour deux semaines?

Si vous empruntez 300$*: Pret sur salaire (En supposant un cout d’emprunt de 15$ par tranche de 100$**) Carte de credit (En supposantun taux d’interet quatidien calcule salon un TAP de 23% pour une avances de fonds)
Une fois 45$ 2.65$
Deux fois 90$ 5.29$
Quatres fois 180$ 10.59$
Six fois 270$ 15.88$

*Cet exemple montre ce que couterait l’emprunt de plusieurs prets. Vous ne pouvez pas detenir plus d’un pret sur salaire a la fois. Vous ne pouvez pas rembourser un pret sur salaire avec un autre pret sur salaire.

**Au Nouveau-Brunswick, le cout total maximal du credit autorise est de 15 par that is de 100$ en vertu d’un pret sur salaire.

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